Amparo Ruiz Cillero Spain, Malaga

Spain, Malaga

Amparo Ruiz Cillero, Spain, Malaga

Born in Tetouan (Morocco), Amparo has lived in several cities in Spain, Ciudad Real, Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Malaga Zaragoza, Lleida, she currently resides in Malaga.

She amateurs to the work of the needle, always. Dedicated to teaching since 1998. She started her career in this art with the help of two Catalan teachers, Rosario Casanovas and Gloria Llopart.

Her visit to Lancaster (USA) twice was definitive when living with the Amish and the Mennonites. She received masterclasses in Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Gerona, Virginia and Dublin. Who influenced her in the use of color and form was Jinny Beyer, whom she admires.

She belongs to the Spanish Association of Patchwork since its inception with the number of 42 affiliated, having been Delegate in Lleida and Malaga.

She organized the national exhibition of patchwork in 2003, when in this city this art was minimally known. Today many of her students teach classes and have their own business.

With her experience, creating and transmitting her knowledge to her students, she enjoys in her workshop-school in c7 La Era nº18. Every year at the end of the course they make an exhibition in a beautiful garden with the work done.

Amparo Ruiz Cillero
Amparo Ruiz Cillero
Amparo Ruiz Cillero
Amparo Ruiz Cillero
Amparo Ruiz Cillero
Amparo Ruiz Cillero

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