CH-CH - Designer of flamenko dresses Charo Chacon: Dresses from curtains and no polka-dot

Charo Chacon: Dresses from curtains and no polka-dot

We came to visit a talented designer, a magnificent person and a very beautiful woman Charo Chacon (Chych Modas).

Charo Chacon is a designer of flamenco dresses. Author's design, handmade, original print. Only 40 dresses a year. Women are lining up to her, because in her outfits everyone becomes a real queen. Her flamenco dresses are very different from traditional ones - you do not meet the usual pattern - «polka-dot» in it, they have a complicated cut and a refined finishes.

- I do not like polka-dot, neither small-sized, nor large. If the customer still wants it, I will combine it with other print.
- What print are you picking up?
- I go to the fabric store of my neighbor and peer ...Here is a curtain, and I already see in it the plot of my new story ...Yes, yes, I made many outfits from the curtains. This one is for the living room, and this one is for the kitchen.
- It's incredible how elegant these dresses are!
- For me, it starts with the choice of fabric. The texture and prints give birth to fantasy.

- And do you think about the customer when you create a design?
- Certainly! The dress should emphasize the dignity and hide the flaws of the figure. The original outfit of Carmen looks good on the curvy lady. But skinny ladies also come. Then I make a lot of flounces, a lush skirt that visually enlarges the hips. And if the waist is too low, then I make an oblique cut that hides a flaw.

- How long have you been doing this?
- From my childhood. All women in my family are seamstresses. My first dress I have made at 14. 
- And how many for your lifetime? 
- Its difficult to count. For example, last year there were 40, but not every year is so productive. It is a hand made, that takes a lot of time. Almost everything I do myself - from start to finish.

- In what cases are these dresses worn? For weddings?
- Only if it's a flamenco wedding. Basically, for Spanish holidays, when residents go out on street processions with songs and dances, for example, Romeria, the preparation will begin soon, then for Feria (fairs in August) Rossio…

- How much are your outfits worth?
- You can choose any fabric, the work costs from 300 euros, I use different techniques. Here embroidery, for example. You need a special, almost a jewelry cut for it, so that the two canvases match the pattern. Sometimes the cost of the outfit can reach 900 euros.

- Do you have the most favorite dress?
- Every year I start with a dream about a dress that will be wow! But in the course of work I somehow calm down and think about a new design.
- Whose fabrics are you using?
- Spanish. From factories in Valencia, Barcelona. This is by no means not a China. Beautiful fabrics are brought from Marokko, but Marakan embroidery is not suitable for flamenco.

- Would you like to make a dress for the queen?
- I cant imagine our queens in the image of flamenco. These dresses need to be able to wear, present, you need an inner state, a special passion, so that a woman can carry herself like a queen. You need to love all this - the dance and the song of flamenco, feel it and transmit it. You can not just wear this dress and stand like a corner of the house. And every woman, who knows how to wear a flamenco dress, is always very beautiful in my outfit, and everyone compliments her. That's why many clients want to be even more beautiful and come to me again.
- Would you like to present your collections on the grand podiums, at the big shows?
- This is a huge work, because there you need to show more than 30 outfits, you need a whole year to prepare. But if I have this opportunity, my collection will be very different from all other.

Our Association Lucky Quilters International wishes Charo prosperity and access to the international arena. After all such beauty should be seen by everyone!
Special thanks to model Ana Belen Martinez Jerez for the help in filming!

Madina Abdrashitova, public relations of Lucky Quilters International

Translation Of Yulia Kolmykova Julia

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