Report of the THIRD COLLECTING products for vulnerable Benalmadenas citizens Charity action

Charity action

Joy fills the heart and the soul blooms when we see the result of the efforts of our LuckyQuilters International Association in cooperation with the “Cortinas Azahar” store and with the support of the conscious, not indifferent residents of Benalmadena.

And we and you can see everything for yourself! Without the hypocrisy of politics, without ostentatious slogans and sectarian propaganda, our Action has been working from the first day and is gaining momentum more and more!

Together, shoulder to shoulder, we are trying to help our neighbors in trouble, while trying not to offend their personal dignity.

Who better than OUR DON GONSALO can show this delicacy and humanity ?!
Don Gonzalo - Pastor of the parish church of Virgen del Carmen, located in the Benalmadena Costa zone, he is one of the best representatives of the “real padre”.
We constantly say: “EL es VERDADERO PADRE nuestro”.
Our kind fair padre helps everyone who REALLY needs and had asked him, despite the confessional differences. For him, everyone is equal before God, and he does not judge, he extends a helping hand, takes care of his congregation and families living nearby, because in our turbulent times, anyone can be in a difficult situation.

The inhabitants of our beautiful city understand this and carry products, sew masks, and support whoever can.
WE THANK everyone!
Take care of yourself and your loved ones, together we are ALL Benalmadena!


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