Irina Shashilova Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

Irina Shashilova, Uzbekistan

She was born in Samarkand, she is a civil engineer.

Now Irina lives in Tashkent and  she is almost the only master in this sunny city, owning the technique of classic patchwork.

Irina began to sew at school, sewed clothes for herself, so she was very high, and at that time it was impossible to buy a suitable one for her. 6 years ago, she discovered a hobby like a patchwork, and is still doing it with pleasure.

Irina says about herself: "I always liked to sew, and then I found a patchwork for myself and" fell ill "with patches!
I have jumped into this art!  And I began to discover in myself qualities unknown to me before. And since I'm only at the beginning of the journey, how many unknown things I still have to do! "

Irina's passion is clear graphic works, her engineering essence and love for well-executed drawings are affected. She likes to sew on Freezer Paper, its use makes it possible to simplify complex assembling and achieve excellent results. She adores a well-executed stitch, which complements and continues the idea, laid out by patches.

At the  competition on Forum of Vasilisas, the project Modern Quilts in 2015  her panel "Spring is coming, give Spring a way!" took the first prize.

More information about Irina and  her works in her blog:​

Irina Shashilova
Stars over Samarkand
Stars over Samarkand
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Domes of Registan
Spring is coming, give Spring a way!
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