Jo Dennison UK, currently resident in Competa (Malaga, Spain)

UK, currently resident in Competa (Malaga, Spain)

Jo Dennison, UK, currently resident in Competa (Malaga, Spain). 

Born in 1936 in England. From childhood she was fond of reading myths, legends and folk tales. Got a degree in the field of art and literature. Worked as a teacher. Liked traveling, while traveling to France, Italy and Greece paid attention to architecture, sculpture and fine arts. After retiring, she moved to Andalusia, she lives here for 22 years.

Her work is very imaginative and has its own style, based on the richness of national traditions, culture and history. He likes experiments with tissues and technologies. Along with using the sewing machine, it uses manual assembly. She paints fabrics, works with different textures - velvet, organza, cotton, burlap, rope and other materials.

Rarely satisfied after the end of any work, but after an incident of several months is pleased.

Recent works reflect world events and social problems.

As Joe Dennison says about herself: "I'm curious, creative, like to experiment and do not fear failure, it's just a life experience."


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