We are friends with guilds and associations of patchwork  and art quilt, as well as with patchwork masters around the world:

1. International Quilting Association - USA

2. Quilters' Guild of the British Isles - United Kingdom

3. The Irish Patchwork Society - Ireland

4. Asociacion Española de Patchwork - Spain

5. Patchwork masters from Australia, Russia, Ukraine, Poland

The Association expresses its great gratitude:

Representatives of the municipality of Benalmadena: the mayor of the city Victor Navas, the cultural adviser at the mayor's office Elena Galan, the tourist counselor at the municipality Encarnación Cortez.

Participants of the exhibition: Joe Dennison, Lyubov Lezhanina, Jacqueline Bai, Miri Tsoy, Paole Garcia Ledesma; Association of patchwork and quilting of the British Isles in the face of Marion McCrindle, the Perm patchwork club "Chest" in the person of Irina Plotnikova, group of Ukrainian patchworkers.

To the organizers of the exhibition:
The organization El sueño de Astrid (Benalmadena) for catering; 
the Employment Center Virgen de la Candelaria (Alaourin de la Torre) for making presents to the exhibition participants; 
Shop CH & CH (Benalmadena) for organizing desfile with a charity lottery and a leather bag worth 120 euros to participate in the lottery; 
The Association of Yoga Sabhasana de yoga (Benalmadena) for helping to sell lottery tickets for the hospice Cudeca; 
Tax advice Daniel Morales AG Fuengirola (Fuengirola); 
The advertising group Gráficas El Pinillo y Imprenta P & M (Benalmadena) for the printing of promotional products; 
The stores "El mundo de las telas" and "Azahar"; 
The chorus of Anika Torres and the director of the choir Antonio Jimenezu Carillo; 

As well as individuals Fernando Fernandez, Andi Nixon, Juan Carlos Cabrera, Alfonso Garcia Bueno, Natalia Vodianova, Lucia Margarita Gonzalez, Ilya Bozek, Daniel Bozek for help with the design, Olga Yunakova and her group "Las estrellas" for participating in the concert.

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