The action in support of the Association Kölner Herzkissen e.V. - Heart Pillows Information about the action

Information about the action

For the first time in this year 2018, our Lucky Quilters International Association organized a new action in support of the initiative of the Association Kölner Herzkissen e.V. (Cologne, Germany, Kölner Herzkissen e.V. , ), which sews heart-shaped pillows to help in the rehabilitation of women who underwent surgery to remove breast cancer.

The idea of the heart pillow was brought to Europe by The Danish nurse Nancy Friis-Jensen. She improved the pattern and founded they Heart Pillow Project. The pillow is designed with extra long ears , so it can be placed under the arm to ease pain from the surgical incision and tension. It can help to reduce lymph swelling under the arm.  It can be used under the seat belt when driving to prevent accidental bumps and pressure.

All the members of our Association, the participants of the "2° Festival Internacional Arte Textil Benalmádena 2018" will bring the pillow covers with their own design on the one side of the pillow, created specifically to support the charity project Kölner Herzkissen from the LuckyQuilters Association (Spain). 

Photos of the covers and a personal photo of a good quality (portrait of a craftswoman who made covers) will need to be sent to our e-mail:

Our dear LuckyQuilters from Ukraine Lyudmila Eremenko and Liana Yarovaya pioneered the Association's new project, making their first donor Heart pillows, each with their own personal design, in support of the Cologne Association.

Girls, you are the real UKRAINIAN MIRACLE! 

Fotos by Madina Abdrashitova

Heart Pillows
Heart Pillows
Pillow scheme
Lyudmila Eremenko
Liana Yarovaya

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