Permanent collection 17

Jo Dennison:   triptix "Persephone", "Big Wave", two mini quilts "Christmas variety ".
Lyubov Lezhanina:   "Flying in a dream and in reality",  "Dutch still life"
Jacqueline Bahi:  two mini quilts"Flower", "Rainbow"
Miri Tsoi:  "Tulips"
Paula García Ledesma: "My village", "Guardians Angel"
Oksana Mader: “Kaleidoscope of my Life&Love”, “Skylight”, “Fly of my dream”
The only art textile work given as a gift by Miri Tsoi ( "Tulips")  has been sent back (Kiev/Ukraine) by the author request. The author will have her personal exhibit in October and we wish Miri Tsoi best of luck!
Two additional works ("Early Autumn"," Dutch still life-2")  given by quilter Lyubov Lezhanina will remain permanently with Lucky Quilters for future exhibitions . Thank you so much Lyubov Lezhanina for your support !

+01 Big Wave de Jo Dennison.jpg
+02 Jacqueline Bahí.jpg
+03 Jacqueline Bahí.jpg
+04 Jacqueline Bahi Rainbow.jpg
+05 Dutch still life  Lubov Lezhanina.jpg
+06 Jo Dennison.jpg
+07 Jo Dennison.jpg
+08 Oksana Mader Kaleidockope of my life and live.jpg
+09 Miri Tsoy Tulipanes.jpg
+10 Persephone Jo Dennison.jpg
+11 Flying en a dream en reality Lubov Lezhanina .jpg
+12 Dutch still life 1 Lubov Lezhanina .jpg
+13 Lubov Lezhanina early autumn.jpg
+14 Oksana Mader Fly of my dreams .jpg
+15 Oksana Mader Skylight.jpg
+16 Paula Garcia Ledesma Guardian Angels.jpg
+17 Paula Garcia Ledesma My Village.jpg

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